Company Profile

C.A.M.A. Express Trucks & Cars MOT established in 2021, in 6th Fiteion, Limassol, Cyprus. We provide MOT inspection for all kind of vehicles (cars and trucks), as per Republic of Cyprus MOT rules and regulations 

We operate based on the technical inspection of motor vehicles, the establishment and operation of I.K.T.E.O. as well as other related issues regulated by the Motor Vehicles Law of 2007 as amended to date.

Our services

We know our business and we do understand that time costs money and for this exact reason, we do our best to provide excellent and the most important, on-time MOT service, so, no matter if you are the owner of a family Volvo or the driver of a heavy duty vehicle, here at CAMA EXPRESS MOT we can do them all and on time.

For your convenience we have developed an online booking system where you can book your MOT online through our website, get email confirmations, reminders and notifications about your booking date. The process is really simple and straight forward. We encourage you all to book your MOT online but in case you are old school then yes, you may call us for an appointment 🙂

We also provide an SMS notification system where we notify you for your next MOT expiry date. Individual owners and vehicle fleet companies can upload their vehicles’ information through our website. Join our list today and never stay behind MOT deadlines.

Our facilities

Our MOT station consists of 3 concurrent vehicle inspection slots, one for cars and small vans and 2 slots for trucks and other heavy duty vehicles.

There are normally no delays but in case there is one then we make your waiting comfortable in our friendly environment with free access to Wi-Fi and a cup of coffee in a busy working day.

Our express MOT service will surprise you.

Our Company mission

Our mission is really simple. When it comes to MOT, we want be your first choice!