Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still book an appointment over the phone?

Yes of course. Even though we encourage all our clients to book and purchase their MOT appointment online, you may call us at any time to book your appointment over the phone.


Any order placed from our online booking system is considered closed only if it is paid. Unpaid bookings may result to conflicts.

You may cancel your MOT appointment at least 2 days before appointment date. Currently we accept cancellations over the phone only.

The following documents must be presented during MOT inspection:

  • Vehicle registration certificate or Ownership certificate
  • Valid vehicle insurance or cover-note 

The maximum MOT booking items within a single order is set to 10. Create a new order if you have more MOT bookings.  

Please use the form above to Opt-Out our SMS notification list.

If you own a fleet of vehicles or you are an engineer then please use the following links:

  1. Request account opening
  2. Join our SMS notification list

Yes, all our prices include 19% VAT as per Cyprus legislation.

The Government Handling Fee that you see at the bottom of the booking item and at the check out page is the fee that Cyprus government charges for every MOT inspection. That fee is VAT zero rated.

For example, if the MOT service for a particular vehicle costs 35 Euro, then, 30 euro is the MOT inspection cost that includes 19% VAT and 5 Euro is the government fee applied that is zero VAT rated.

If the time elapsed from the time you book your first MOT booking until the time you check-out is more than 15 minutes then the system by default will remove your bookings from the cart. This time limit is important in order to avoid overbooking and conflicts with other clients trying to book their MOT online at the same time.